Third Party Events


The DCH Foundation is fortunate to work with generous individuals and organizations that volunteer their time and efforts to generate donation dollars for our fundraising initiatives. These efforts directly benefit the DCH System and contribute to the many benefits we strive to offer the West Alabama community. We have developed a way to facilitate the event-hosting process by offering approved third parties the tools that will help build successful events.

I Want to Host an Event

Many groups and businesses choose to hold their own event to support the DCH Foundation’s efforts in the community. These events are called third-party events. A third-party fundraising event is any activity by a non-affiliated group or individual where the DCH Foundation has no fiduciary responsibility and little or no staff involvement. If you have an idea or plan for an event that will benefit the DCH Foundation, follow these simple guidelines:

First step, fill out our 3rd Party Event Form by clicking HERE.

Getting Started

Complete an application and submit a signed Third Party Contract. Click below for a contract application. All events must be approved by the DCH Foundation in advance. This is an important safeguard to preserving the integrity of the DCH Foundation name and our commitment to raise the funds necessary to fulfill our mission in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

Complete Form

We will review your plan and do our best to contact you within approximately 14 days. Reminder: Please do not move forward with your plans until you have been submitted your application and been notified of our decision. Thank you for your support of the DCH Foundation.

Plan Your Event

These are some of the successful fundraising activities that have benefited the DCH Foundation:
Hair “Cut-A-Thons” or Pink Streaks during October’s “Breast Cancer Awareness Month”

  • $5 Jean Days at Work
  • Car Washes
  • Yard Sales
  • Concession Stand proceeds

Set your event goals and budget.

Decide on a venue or location: Research possible locations based on the event size or accommodations. Options include: local conference centers, hotel/convention ballrooms, restaurants or other party locations. Look here for some popular options that fit your needs.

After the location is chosen asses your physical needs in terms of tables, chairs, decoration, etc. Many event locations may offer a list of vendors or you can chose your own vendor. Tuscaloosa has several options for party equipment rentals.
Plan ahead for any special needs for the party like audio/visual equipment, internet, DJs or band. You can ask these companies to sponsor the event or donate this equipment or their time in order to save on costs. Another alternative is to ask for quotes from these companies to get the best price.

Decide whether you will be serving food and drinks at the event. Carters must be found and booked in advance. Food and drinks could be another area of sponsorship or donation. If you are serving alcoholic beverages at the event, be sure to procure a bartending service and liquor license before the event.

Consider parking options for the event. Will you need a valet service? Assess whether there is parking facilities that will accommodate your guests or if you will need to direct them to a specific place to park. Keep in mind parking prices if you chose a parking deck or private lot.

Event organizers must obtain their own liability insurance to cover the event. DCH Foundation is not financially liable for the promotion and/or staging of third-party events.

Identify any security needs and contact a security company or the city police for help with your event if deemed necessary.
DCH Foundation should receive a list of targeted sponsors for the event before they are approached to minimize overlap with other Foundation events and/or fundraising campaigns that may be underway.

If you wish to have a DCH Foundation staff member represented at your event, please let the Foundation know.

While we are able to provide guidance for your event, we do not have the personnel to handle the organizational and administrative tasks associated with third-party events. Therefore, you are responsible for all details of the event including: underwriting all of the related costs, recruiting volunteers to help out at the event, creating flyers to publicize the event, and working at the actual event.

The event must be promoted in a manner to avoid statements or the appearance of the DCH Foundation endorsing any product, firm, organization, individual or service.

Promote Your Event

We will handle all your tickets sales through our Eventbrite account. This will make selling tickets for your event stress free. Eventbrite will allow us to share the event through social sites and appear in search engine results for maximum exposure to your event. You will also be able to manage your guest lists and RSVPs. Tickets may be purchased using credit cards, PayPal or Google Checkout.

Create your guest list in advance of your event. If your event is private, invitations can be emailed to your guest list through Eventbrite.

If the event is open to the public, promotion will be one of the largest areas of the pre-planning process. Promote your event using digital media, print media and social media. We provide tools and information on how to best promote your event. Most importantly, all promotions should clearly state the location, date/time and cause of the event.
Promotion can lead to sponsorships and donations. Contact local or regional business who have helped out your nonprofit or similar causes in the past to ask for sponsorships.

The DCH Foundation must approve all promotional materials, including but not limited to advertising, letters, brochures, flyers and press releases prior to production or distribution. All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds that will benefit the DCH Foundation.

Under no circumstances should third-party event revenue and expenses flow through DCH Foundation books. Only the final net proceeds from the event are to be processed by the DCH Foundation. DCH Foundation should receive a complete accounting of all funds collected and expenses related to the event. We reserve the right to inspect all event financial records.

Day of Your Event

Set up should take place at least 3-4 hours before the event, which could be more or less depending on the specifics of the event.

AV technicians, carters or entertainment should be notified of when and where to arrive at least one week before the event. Be sure to make confirmation calls to your vendors a few days before your event. If you are using vendors through your event location, still double check with the event coordinator about specifics of the day.

Ensure you have a mobile smart phone or iPad fully charged with Eventbrite’s free mobile app so you can check in your attendees.

Arrange meeting time with the local or regional media that you have invited. Be sure that they are given the appropriate material and opportunity to ask questions or interview key figures of the day.

Make sure someone at your event takes pictures. It is a good idea to have a professional photographer or videographer on hand to document the event. We will help you post your pictures on social sites and will display them on our website in our events gallery. You can encourage your attendees to take and share photos as well.

Do a final walk through and sound check before guests arrive.
Enjoy the event! Be prepared for last-minutes surprises, but take time to appreciate all of your hard work.

Evaluate Your Event

Ensure the event is cleaned up by staff or arrange to have the venue cleaned by the appropriate people. Keep in mind you may host future events there, so it is best to leave the place in the condition it was before the event.

Settle all invoices and accounts. Pay all bills in advance or in a timely manner after the event. Keep records of all expenses and all donations. Review your budget for overages or areas that you need to account for in planning future events.

Use the evaluation analytics on Eventbrite to determine the success of ticket sales and the demographics of the guests who attended the event.

Maintain your relationship with your attendees. You can use the guest list on Eventbrite to update attendees on the success of the fundraiser and thank them for their contribution.

After the conclusion of the event, contact us to set up a meeting time. This meeting will include all follow up, including delivery of proceeds for the beneficiary. A “big check” presentation can follow if the group requests it, and a photo of the presentation will be emailed to the third party.