The Finn & Quinley Infant and Children’s Fund

Finn & Quinley’s Story

Finn and Quinley McInerney were born in August of 2004 – Finn was a little red-headed boy, and Quinley was a tiny blonde girl. They were 15 weeks premature and only survived for a week. While making the twins’ final arrangements, Danielle and Michael McInerney started the Finn and Quinley Memorial Foundation, choosing to benefit the DCH Regional Medical Center and Northport Medical Centers’ neonatal intensive care units. Generous donations came flowing in, and Danielle began putting that money to work on behalf of DCH’s tiniest patients.


Danielle chose DCH because of the consistent love and support her family received from the staff at Northport Medical Center. “My husband and I are both from big cities, and our relatives initially thought we should be at a larger hospital,” Danielle says. “We quickly learned that although Tuscaloosa is a relatively small community, the exceptional care and concern of everyone at DCH make it a destination hospital.”


In 2012, Danielle came to The DCH Foundation with the realization that together, they could do more. So once again, Danielle and Michael entrusted the care of their babies – this time their legacy – to DCH. At that time, The Finn & Quinley Memorial Foundation merged with The DCH Foundation to become The Finn & Quinley Infant and Children’s Fund. This fund has expanded to provide continually improving care to our neonatal, well-baby, and pediatric patients by supporting technological advances, professional education for our nursing staff, and patient and family assistance for those who need it.

Danielle and Michael McInerney with their children, Fitz (left) and Declan (right).

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